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We are positioned as one of the best companies for implementation, integration, operation and outsourcing of converged voice networks, data networks, images and safety in Brazil.


Our focus is on the current needs of our clients; however, with a permanent view towards the future. For this purpose, we make CWB Technology and Solutions a constant investor in strategic partnerships with the best manufacturers and service providers, connecting our clients with the best solutions in the market.


CWB Technology and Solutions has more than 25 years of expertise  in project development, consultancy and integration of data communication network systems, safety and internet, besides services  specialized in purchase and acquisition of specific technology.


Our aim is specialization in emergent and convergent technologies, where the high degree of knowledge is the decisive factor for competitiveness. Throughout the years, we have become a reference in the segment of Multiple Systems Integration, offering our services to medium-sized and large-sized businesses.


Our services do not only include Information Technology solutions,

but Safety Intelligence, directed towards:

  • Network Infrastructure

  • Secure Networks

  • Collaboration and Communication

  • VoIp

  • Contact Center

  • Data Center and Cloud Based Solutions

  • Procurement and Imports

  • Business Startup

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